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Plugin Architecture

Sitecore Rocks uses type discovery to support extensibility.

When Sitecore Rocks starts, it scans predefined folders for assemblies. Each assembly is loaded and each type in the assembly is examined.

If the type is marked with an Extensibility attribute, the type is processed as part of the extensibility framework. Examples of extensibility attributes are Command, Pipeline, Skin and FieldControl.

All extensibility attributes inherit from the ExtensibilityAttribute class which has 3 methods: PreInitialize, Initialize and PostInitialize.

When all assemblies have been loaded and the extensibility types found, Sitecore Rocks iterates through all types and calls first all the PreInitialize methods, then all the Initialize methods, and last all the PostInitialize methods.

For instance the CommandAttribute class overwrites the Initialize method and calls the CommandManager.LoadType method to register the command with the command manager.

The CommandManager is also marked with the ExtensibilityInitialization attribute. The ExtensibilityInitialization invokes methods in the type on PreInit, Init and PostInit. The CommandManager uses the ExtensibilityInitialization to call the Clear method during PreInitialization, which ensures that the list of commands is empty when the commands start registering.

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