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How-To: Subscribe to Events

Sitecore Rocks has a central notification service Sitecore.Notifications where it is possible to subscribe to various events like ItemsSaved, ItemAdded, ItemDeleted etc.

WPF Events

In WPF events are normally subscribed to in the constructor or in the WPF Loaded event and unsubscribed in the Unloaded event.

The WPF Loaded event is triggered when a control is inserted into the WPF Visual Tree and the Unloaded event is triggered when removed.

The window management system in Visual Studio makes frequent use of the WPF Tab control which removes a tab page from the Visual Tree when it becomes invisible - effectively triggering the Unloaded event - and when it becomes visible again, triggers the Loaded event.

Subscribing to Events

Assuming that a control wants to remain subscribed even when invisible, the standard approach will not work.

Sitecore Rocks solves this by introducing the RegisterXXX methods on the Notification object.

Notifications.RegisterItemEvents(this, modified: this.ItemModified, renamed: this.ItemRenamed, deleted: this.ItemDeleted);
Notifications.RegisterTemplateEvents(this, saved: this.TemplateSaved);

The RegisterXXX subscribes to the Notifications.Unloaded event. When the Unloaded event is triggered, the method checks if the subscribed control in contained within the unloading control, and if so, unsubscribes the events.

There is no need to unregister since this is handled automatically.

Every pane in Sitecore Rocks raises the Unloaded event, which will unsubscribe any events within that pane.

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