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Supported Sitecore CMS Versions

Sitecore Rocks comes with two data providers: Good Old Web Service and Hard Rock Web Service.

Good Old Web Service uses the web service that has been available since Sitecore CMS 5.0. This web service does not support advanced functionality and many parts of Sitecore Rocks will be unavailable.

Hard Rock Web Service is built against the latest version of Sitecore CMS and includes some compatability measures to work with older versions (notably to support Layout Deltas in Sitecore CMS 6.4).

It is expected that the Hard Rock Web Service will work with Sitecore CMS 6.2 and later versions.

While it has not been tested, the Hard Rock Web Service is also expected to work with Sitecore CMS 6.0 and later versions, but some functionality may result in errors.

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